About TCNE

TCNE is a standing IEEE EMBS technical committee which provides technical expertise in major areas within the neuroengineering (NE) field. It contributes to a public debate on important issues in the NE field via special conferences, workshops, symposia and special issues in related journals. In particular, it advises the Conference and Publications leadership of EMBS regarding NE interests and promotes these interests by interacting with:

(a) the Technical Program Chair of the Annual Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference in the organization of NE technical sessions for the Conference, and

(b) the Editorial Board of EMBS publications (e.g., TBME, TNSRE) in the organization of special issues on NE topics.

Other TCNE activities include the organization of special conferences and workshops on NE, as well as interaction with other societies (e.g., The Society for Neuroscience) on matters of mutual interest.

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EMBC’19 Face to Face Technical Committee Meeting

If you will be attending EMBC in Berlin this July and are a committee member of this TC, your TC will be holding it’s F2F committee meeting on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

If you will be in Berlin you are invited to attend the meeting. A box lunch will be provided as the meeting will be during the lunch hour. There will also be a booth on the exhibit floor representing the TC’s of EMB so please stop by and bring an interested colleague.

Click here for a schedule of TC meeting dates, times and locations. Please contact your committee chair directly with any questions or agenda items.


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